HS_video_projector_for_iPhoneNow how about this? Now there is a way for you to enjoy all your movies that you have on your iPhone, you can enjoy them on your very own mobile visual entertainment system! Hammacher Schlemmer introduced a portable projector for iPhone! The iPhone video projector has a unique design that makes watching movies from your iPhone exciting! You don’t have to worry about cables running back and forth from your iPhone and the projector, infact the Hammacher Schlemmer projector has a iPhone dock. The display scales up to 557×234 resolution in 4:3 aspect ratio.

The Hammacher Schlemmer projector is an LED-based projector and can project displays of up to 110” diagonally from a distance of 20” to 18 feet away. The lens is illuminated with a 15-watt LED which delivers 800 lumen of light intensity. It also has a 30,000 hour life span. it also comes with boxed speakers that channel the sound to integrated 7-watt amplifiers.

The project can have endless applications since its portable and light weight. It can be used to deliver presentations using your iPhone, to view photo slide shows and even surf the web.

Hammacher Schlemmer says :

Playing audio through an integrated sound system, its two 3-watt titanium drivers integrate with the on-board dual 7-watt amplifiers to produce crisp, robust sound. It can also display videos at 16:9 aspect ratio–the same used by high definition televisions.

The projector works with iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4 or iPod Touch and iPod Touch 2G.

It is priced at $299.95 and is now available from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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