lg-optimus-tabletEvery one wants to part of the Android revolution. Today LG confirmed that it will be releasing its own version of the tablet slate to compete direclty against the iPad. The LG Slate is to be powered with Google’s Android operating system. LG also said that it plans to introduce/release the slate in the fourth quarter of this year.

LG will add this new tablet to its Optimus range. There is no news on the specifications of the new device. LG has said that more new devices are in the pipeline, all set to release in the fourth quarter of 2010.All this while Android 3.0 is set for an October release. Speculation is that the new LG Optimus tablet would atleast be of a 1GHz and would have a RAM of atleast 512 MB which is said to be the minimum requirement for the Android 3.0 OS.

LG has also said that it is in works to release a Windows 7 tablet but no dates have been promised.

Looks like 2010 is surely an exciting year to be in! 🙂

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