That’s one quite sexy looking phone, isn’t it? Same source that confirmed the specifications i posted on the last rumor post (that many blog seem to be now quoting) has just confirmed that this is indeed the high end phone that is pushed by Nokia to be announced at CES 2012 and carried by At&t. According to him, Lumia 900 will come at least in black, but he does not have information about other colors. This press picture, or render for internal use still doesn’t prove that this color will ever appear. Good example is the leaked picture E7 almost year before it’s release that never never came in that green color.

16GB and 32GB versions, Front Facing camera, 4.3″ Clear Black Display, 125.5 x 65.8 x 9 mm,8mpx camera with single LED, LTE

Just like said on the last post, Lumia 900 will feature similar unibody design as N9/800 and have the same button placement as Lumia 800. it’s a bit unclear is the back as curvy as N9/800, you after all have 7 to 12mm difference on thickness from the edge to the middle. Front glass certainly seems like it’s curved, but probably more discrete because of the size of the screen. Top should feature SIM tray, 3.5mm jack, Micro-USB. Still to be seen will Lumia 900 indeed ship with Nokia’s own video call and some kind of image modification application like claimed.

Lets hope he is right and we see this kicking in CES, that will set the start of Operation Rolling Thunder.

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