The wait is over, the new MacBook Pro unveiled on Tuesday has a faster processor, better graphics and a 10hrapple_macbook_pro_corei5 battery.

The current three models have all been upgraded and the price starts at $1,199.

These new upgraded models have been upgraded with a 2.4GHz processor alsong with Nvidia 320M integrated graphics, 250 GB hard drive and a good 4GB ram bringing them upto speed and beyond with the current standards.

Other features are standard with an 8x superdrive, display port, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, iSight video camera, two USB ports, one FireWire 800 port, SD card slot, headphone/line in, multitouch trackpad, 2.1+EDR, and  a illuminated keyboard. 

All these are well supported with a 63.5 WHr battery that is designed to last 10hours!

The integrated Nvidia 320M graphics processor is the fastest integrated graphics processor in the market. These upgraded models are found to run 50% faster than the newer models.

Unlike the 13-inch model, the 15-inch and the 17-inch models have two graphic processors. One is a Nvidia GeForce GT 33M and the other is an integrated Intel HD graphics card. The two processors help in power conservation, with the Nvidia being used and when power is low, switching on the fly to the integrated Intel chip.

The 15-inch models also has SD card slots. The 15-inch models also have a standard 1440 x 900 pixel display and a 1680 x 1050 pixel version is optional.

“Inertial scrolling” is also supported by the new MacBook Pros –  a very neat feature.

Standard features for the 17-inch MacBook Pro include a 2.53GHz Intel Core i5 with a 500 GB hard drive. The price tag for this box is a good $2,299.

The 17inch pro comes with a 95WHr batter and an ExpressCard/34 expansion card slot.  128GB, 256GB and 512GB Solid State Drives (SSDs) are also optional.

Priced at $1,799, the 15-inch MacBook Pro comes in three models, 2.4GHz Intel  Core i5, a 2.54 GHz Intel Core i5 with a 500GB hard drive for $1,999 and a 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 model with a 500GB hard drive for $2,199.

The 13 inch MacBook Pro comes with a 2.66GHz and a 320 GB hard drive for $1,499.

You can visit apple to learn more here.

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