Microsoft is moving into another area of business, this time to make it easier for people to figure out how energyhohmlogo efficient their home could be. Microsoft’s website called Microsoft Hohm is gaining significant popularity lately. A new addition of real estate data has made it much more valuable. 

All you have to do is enter your zip and get an approximate instant evaluation fo their house’s efficiency.

The website evaluates the numbers from a combination of public housing record information and weather data and represents this with a score. Users also have an option of signing up and listing their applices and construction to get a detailed assessment.

Residents of California, Washington and the Midwest can connect their utility providers directly to Hohm but this is still limited to these three states.

Microsoft uses its Azure cloud computing platform which collects collates and crunches all the numbers giving out sensible information.

Smart grid technology is still some ways to go before websites such as Hohm really become useful. If the site were to tie in with the utility companies they could be a lot more useful and we can see that happening soon.

You can visit the site here.

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