Apple almost went out of business 14 years ago in 1997 when the company had the low stocks, an unstable seniorapple-wifi-itgrunts management, poor products and poor quality.

Even Michael Dell, back in 1997 when asked what he would do with the failing Apple said that he would “shut down the company and give back the money to the investors”. In 2004 when Apple’s stock was higher than the Dell stock, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs emailed his employees quoting “Even Micheal Dell can’t see the future..”

Steve Jobs was oust from his very own company in a 1985 and was able to make a reuturn in 1996 when his then company NeXT was bought by Apple for $429 million dollars. In a boardroom coup he was made the interim CEO and finally the CEO of the ailing company which he was able to resuce thanks to the iPods, the iPhones and the iPads.

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