halo-movieThis is exciting, Microsoft says that it is hopeful that a movie based on its popular game Halo will be worked on. Initial attempts of Microsoft to get Hollywood involved failed however it says some producers are showing interest in the series. The Halo Movie series was readily accepted by Peter Jackson and Neil BlomKamp but backed off into making District 9 instead.

Microsoft is trying hard to sell the idea of making its famous game Halo into a movie. It has apparently written some good “stuff” to support a movie. Scripts were being worked on from Alex Garland, Stuart Beattie and D.B. Weiss to reflect as blueprints.

However Microsoft says that it is in no hurry and wants to work on making a movie that is a bigger hit than its game itself. No possible release dates were reported. Does that mean that Microsoft might be making an entry into production of Hollywood movies? Only Time will tell but history has it that good software engineers seldom make great movie producers!

Below is the proof.

Super Mario Bros


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