google-balloon-logoIts Tuesday and Google is again up to something. Google launched another Doodle today, a interactive Google logo that can be altered with the mouse movement. The doodle is a set of dynamic colored balls that make the Google logo and as the mouse pointer gets close to it, the balls are dispersed and settle down when the pointer stops moving.

The balls are also dispersed by changing the size and moving the browser window. It still remains unclear about why Google has the doodle up but September 7th is Google’s aniversary and the Google ball is quite famous by itself. Google was launched on September 7th, 1998.

Google might also be celebrating more than one anniversary, JavaScript was first released in September 1995 under the name LiveScript and was a part of Netscape Navigator 2.0. So is all this to distract us from the fact that Google walked away from Net Neutrality? Check out the logo here.

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