Kinect is the new buzz word in the gaming community. Today Gamestop listed Kinect for $149.99 which was quite low than earlier estimates and price rumours in the market.

Microsoft store itself had listed Kinect as $149.99 for preorders but the store also says that it cannot predict the advertised price and is that it is subject to increase or decrease. Yet another report from “Develop” was released that information from internal sources actually confirm that Kinect costs $150 to manufacture.  If this were true then Microsoft is breaking even on its hardware and any price reduction is a loss.

“The whole idea is getting Kinect in every home”, says one analyst. “By selling it at break even price Microsoft will come out a winner still because it will take a boost from related Xbox sales and more Kinect compatible games”.

But the prices are yet to be confirmed with Kinect not due to be launched until November 4th in North America. Many speculate that the price will remain the same and infact actually might cost cheaper depending on how intense other game manufacturers such as Sony and Wii compete.

Its a wait and watch game!

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