There is a interesting case going on in Minnesota where a court recently ruled that it was perfectly okay for you to track your spouse using a GPS installed in a car that you jointly have ownership of. ARS reported abotu a case which dates back to March 2010 in which the victim had a mechanic inspect the car and found a tracking device magnetically attached to the underside of the car. The victim, in January of that year, testified about an incident which involved domestic violence.

The victim moved out but the defendant had been sending her text messages which sometimes read that he knew exactly where she was which puzzled her. Not just that but the victim claimed that the defendant had actually hacked into her computer and cell phone and kept track of all her movements. The defendant Hormann was charged with installing a tracking device of his ex-wife’s car which violated Minnesota’s statue of tracking devices without a court order.

But the court accepted Hormann’s argument that he was a part owner of the vehicle which allows him to not obey the statute and infact gives him the right to install a tracking device on the vehicle. Hormann was able to provide evidence where the title showed him and his then wife as owners of the vehicle. The court rules that Hormann had the right to put in a GPS tracker but still objected to not respecting his ex-wife’s privacy and to the physical abuse.

Would you be okay with your spouse having a GPS tracker on your vehicle?


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