Today is the big day, when Anonymous’s video message released some time back said that they will launch a massive cyber attack on Facebook. We had brought a story where we shed light on how Facebook might be using our information to be sold to make money out of it with little regard to privacy. So will Anonymous Attack? Will they come through on their promise? We will have to wait and see but analysts are already talking.

Analysts say that an attack on Facebook will be extremely challenging for Anonymous. “They have to have not just hundreds but a few million computers participating in a synchronized DDOS attack to bring down Facebook. Facebook is already built to receive and bear the brunt of such traffic so I don’t see how this can be done”, said one analyst on anonymity.

The public message from Anonymous was posted on Youtube and can be seen here. Anonymous also said that they will attack the drug cartels and communists in this. So will Anonymous come through its promise. Another analyst we talked to said with this message, Anonymous’ reputation is on the line. However internet is reporting that another official anonymous message released said that they have never issued any cyber threat against Facebook and they infact like Facebook.

We will just have to wait and see.

Anonymous being what it is, not all of the hacking operations supposedly being planned for Nov. 5 should be taken seriously. It may be that there’s an Anonymous operation or two in the works for Saturday that hasn’t been announced, and that seemingly impossible tasks like Operation Facebook are just distractions.

We’ll know soon enough, but for now, let’s examine the plans for Guy Fawkes Day mayhem that some Anons have publicized with an eye towards gauging how likely each of these digital gunpowder plots are to happen.


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