Not all the cellular carriers are falling prey to the iPhone but infact a few have actually dared to say no to Apple. Today FierceWireless reported that Mary Dillon, the CEO of US Cellular said that she declined to carry Apple’s hit iPhone because of its strict and rather expensive costs that US Cellular would have to pay.

Recently Sprint got to carry the iPhone on to its networks but only after shelling down a massive $20 Billion in cash to Apple to be able to carry the iPhone. US Cellular said that they carrying the phone was not only a bad deal for them but would also eat into company’s profits for until the contract is done. Sprint recently admitted that it will be upside-down in the iPhone deal until 2014 when its contract runs out.

US Cellular isn’t the first carrier to turn away the popular smartphone due to Apple’s expensive terms. A few days ago a Czech-based operator made headlines for passing on Apple’s handset for similar reasons. Apparently carrying the iPhone can be a costly endeavor.


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