Facebook is being targetted by a templated comment being circulated through out its blog page. The comment talksfacebookislam of boycotting Facebook on 21st of July if its demands are not met.

The group belongs to the Muslim community that is angered by Facebook’s recent decision to remove some popular Islamic pages from its site citing violation of terms of service.

Fans of these pages are demanding that Facebook bring back these pages and claim that these pages have not violated any terms of service. Not just that they have also demanded Facebook make policies to stop people from posting anti-religious or Islamic messages on Facebook.

The fans of these pages, approx 2.5 million have threatened facebook that they will close their accounts if their demands are not met. The fans are said to join Medina.com, a facebook look-a-like liked and made by the Muslim community.

It will be interesting to see how Facebook deals with this and to see if all the 2.5 million Facebook fans will really switch to an archiac alterative! Many are hopelessly connected to their firends and family through facebook and I doubt if they will let go of that. For once free speech and expression wins!

The following is an exerpt from the actual comment posted on the facebook blogs.

Facebook Admins, Moderators, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Sheryl Sandberg, and Matt Cohler;

Although you have attended the world’s best communication skills courses you have been most successful in growing great hatred and hostility between you and Muslims around the world, but seriously this time you have caused an almost unrepairable damage.

Only a few weeks after your irresponsible behavior during the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day events you most aggressively removed four of the largest Islamic Facebook Pages of total fans/likes over 2.5 million Facebook members. That happened on the morning of Thursday 8th July, 2010.

These four Facebook pages were totally peaceful and free of any hate speech, but you removed it ignoring the feelings of more than 2.5 Million Facebook Muslims and disrespecting over 1.5 Billion Muslims worldwide.

And now since that is what it had come down to you, with your irresponsibility and fake preach of freedom of speech, have left us no other choice other than permanently boycotting Facebook. And now we are giving you a 2 weeks notice – ending at midnight of 21st July, 2010 – to fulfill our demands or else we will leave Facebook for http://madina.com/.

Our demands are:

1- Reactivating the four pages that have been disabled
2- Adding a Facebook Term that illegalizes disrespecting Islamic religious symbols
3- Disabling any Facebook Page, Group, or Event that shows direct or indirect disrespect towards Islamic religious symbols

The pages that were unfairly removed are:

Facebook.com/Rassoul.Allaa h – About 1,600,000 Likes
Facebook.com/Logo.Ramadan – About 600,000 Likes
Facebook.com/Love.Mohammed  – About 200,000 Likes
Facebook.com/Quran.Lovers – About 70,000 Likes

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9 thoughts on “Muslims to quit Facebook on 21st of July?”
  1. So when they introduce this rule banning the “disrespect of islamic religious symbols”, I presume they are also going to bring in rules to prevent the disrespect of other religious symbols. No mocking of Jesus, The Pope, Buddha and all that?

    Well that premise probably bans a large portion of internet memes, and a lot of people’s opinions. Good luck getting them 2.5 million people to agree with you and leave facebook. 🙂

  2. Hmm…
    Facebook is free of use. No charge to pay.
    No one invited them.
    So if they want to leave, go ahead.
    I dont know, why these people always talk a kind of “pathetic” with an aggresive “flower”(?)
    BTW: If FB does assume any of their “demands”, i will quit FB.

  3. if anything, facebook should sue Medina for copying their layout.

    its ironic how a religion that does NOT respect the freedom of speech complains about facebook for suppressing their freedom of speech.. heck Islam converted people by the sword and even all of mohammad’s children died shortly after birth. so much for being a prophet. he himself broke many rules he set for the muslims in the quran. what makes him an exception?

    islam claims to be a peaceful religion.. their quran proves the exact opposite and even teaches men HOW to HIT their women.. oh not to mention ways to KILL and DESTROY anyone that doesnt agree with their religion….

    i’ll celebrate the day all muslims leave facebook…

  4. @ME

    you said ” heck Islam converted people by the sword and even all of mohammad’s children died shortly after birth ”

    please insure of this information, because it is totally wrong , islam always insure that the religion is free of choice and never said be muslim or kill you, and anyone do this so he is not muslim. Also, it’s only one son of muhammed dead shortly after birth, but the rest was living even after muhammed’s day of death. Muhammed never said that he his special or non human being, but he always said that he is a normal man eat and walk but only he has a message from god.

    finally i think that the very high increasing of muslims around world (now about 1600,000,000) reflected that islam is not wrong. and i advice all again to read more about islam and know it deeply and never talk about something you don’t know well


  5. Not before the last Muslim will leave this Planet, there will Be peace on this Planet.
    Thats fact, if you are looking around.

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