Businessess love open source, because they are free! Nokia launched their first handset that is set to use the SymbianNokia_N8_full operating system since it became open source.

The new phone called the N8 phone is packed with a 12 megapixel camera and allows you to record and edit HD video clips while also having the ability to stream web video. 

The N8 is being seen as an effort by Nokia to make high end phones credible again while Symbian would have to win against its competitors, Google Android and the Apple iPhone.

Symbian is worlds most popular smart phone software and it is the first version of the software that was being release dsince the foundation made it opensource in February.

The hope is that making it open source would help speed up the pace of improvements. The foundation included top names such as Nokia, Motorola and Samsung among others.

N8 is not all just cameras and HD screens, the software in it also supports multi-touch and multi-tasking. N8 can also be plugged into home theater systems and is also capable of producing surround sound.

No exact release dates but it was said that the phone will ship in the third quarter of 2010.

Lets wait and watch..

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