Blackberry users all excited yet? RIM, the Blackberry company gave its user base a preview of its new OS calledBlackBerry-OS-6-Release-Date-itgrunts Blackberry OS 6. Some of its key features were also released.

They sure are exciting. Some of the features include crisp, immersive visuals, which include new graphics, animations and transitions.

The browser got a makeover with the New WebKit browser; very efficient, for fast browsing with support for tabbed browsing.

Its touch screen has been blessed with Multi-touch support while browsing, viewing photos, etc.

Blackberry has worked hard on giving its core apps a new look. This one comes with a new media player UI. There are new apps for integrating RSS and social networking feeds in to the device.


All this is quite exciting but with the iphone slowly taking over the market, how long does Blackberry sustain its market? Would it or would it die a slow and painful death like the Palm. RIM seems confident that as long as it keeps itself upto date with the technology and is able to provide the users with the same experience it should be fine.

The official release date is said to be Q3 of 2010.

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