Yes its true. India has 584.32 million mobile phone subscribers at the end of march after adding a record 20 millionindia-mobile new mobile phone subscribers in March.

This record gain in the numbers was possible as new operators cut tariffs to attract subscribers according to a report released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

This makes up to about 49.6 percent of Indians have mobile connections, thats more than the population of the United States. The large number of new subscribers also reflects on the roll out of services by new operators such as the Indian joint venture of Sistema.

The voice call rates in India, thanks to the intense competition to gain the attention of a billion people, have fallen to historically low rate and are below 0.01 Indian rupees (US$0.0002) per second. Analysts predict the rates to go much lower as newer operators are in the market and are offering more services for the same price. 

Among the Indian operators, Bharti Airtel, the largest has 21.84 percent share of the market at the end of March followed by Reliance Communications with 17.53 percent share, and Vodafone Essar with a 17.26 percent share as reported by TRAI. 

Vodafone reportedly added 3.6 million new subscribers in March, while Bharti Airtel and Reliance added a combined 3 million subscribers each.

Imagine the networks in India, must be more dense and overloaded than the ones here but if more users sign up thats a plus sign that the engineers are doing a good job!

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