Online movie streaming is big business these days and companies are wasting no time in trying to get into new ideas over how to deliver movies to your living room without getting into trouble legally. Well there is one company that seems to have found the way of staying out of trouble while having a booming business.The company called Zediva is banking on the fact that playing remote DVD’s on a DVD player is legal and is letting customers rent movies that it plays on its remote “DVD players” and streams it off the internet.

This allows Zediva to stream new movies online including movies that were not licensed for streaming. The company is able to do this because their streaming of DVD’s are nothing but equal to you renting a DVD, putting it in a networked DVD player which will let you stream to only yourself over the internet.

We haven’t heard from studios getting upset over the business model yet but then that is expected. Experts say that its a matter of time before the studios notice and get upset over this new streaming/DVD playing business. From a legal perspective, it is perfectly legal to setup a DVD player in your house and watch it remotely via sling box.

Some experts say that the technology behind this is seriously old fashioned and in 2011 we are still replying on physical DVDs and DVD players.

As of now new registrations are closed on Zediva due to increased demand. Zediva says that each movie is rented for $1.99 for a period of 14 days and can be watched at 4 hours in a stretch. It can be paused and continued just like you would with your DVD player. Zediva also has your DVD streamed to your iPhone and other mobile devices as well.

Is this a true Netflix killer? or will Netflix get on this before its too late?

You can visit Zediva here.

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