netflix ipad app

netflix ipad appSoon Android users can watch instant movies on their smart phones. Netflix is working on an official app that will allow users to stream movies and TV shows directly to their Android smartphone. Netflix hasn’t made it official yet but it was reported that Netflix was looking to hire a Android video playback expert. 

Netflix spent the first quarter of the year considerably improving its streaming service and expanding into gaming consoles. However the company is now focused on streaming to smaller screens. Netflix had an app ready for the iPad since day one which clearly says that the company is swearing by the motto “if it has a screen, we will be there.” Netflix is also rumored to be coming out with an iPhone app this summer.

Netflix realises that it is competing against Hulu Plus which also provides TV show streams for a monthly fee. The Android app is said to allow streaming over WiFi and 3G.

It will be interesting to check out this app. Another reason to buy an Android!

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