GoogleThis is surely going to make everyone nervous. A website today reported that Google was talking to a German based manufacturer of UAVs called Microdrones which is reportedly sending a kit to the Google HQ. The company has confirmed this claim that it was indeed sending out a UAV kit to Google and has indicated that Google was in the process of acquiring unmanned aerial vehicles.

The UAV’s in question are mini helicopters with cameras attached and can be flown all over the place. They are quiet and are extremely munuverable. They are also equipped with a GPS and also an onboard camera and boast of silent operation. They can fly at a remarkable speed of 80km per hour and sources said that they would be used by Google for mapping neighbourhoods.

Typical UAV’s used for civilian purposes can be stealthy and quiet and can reach great heights. Those UAVs’ can record HD video and also take HD image snapshots. Initial reports of Google acquiring UAV’s were met with surprise and fear that the good web search engine might be looking into advanced technologies in the military however for now we don’t need to panic.

Earlier Google was spotted having talks with the CIA over working together in providing them with better technology and more advanced systems. Many details of the talks are unknown but it is being rumored that Google wants to be able to provide data services on the field.

Increasingly Google’s motives are being questioned by critics, why does Google want to know everything about you?

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