stephan-hawkingYikes, did you know the “Brain of Britain” Stephen Hawking has said that he predicts the human race will come to an end in 200 years. Mr. Hawking also said that our only chance of survival is to get beyond earth and inhabit other planets in the vastness of space. 

Mr. Hawking said that our only chance of survival is to move away from Earth and the sooner we do it, the better. The Daily Mail which interviewed Mr. Hawlking said that he was optimistic about we humans making it on another planet or multiple planets. Mr. Hawking also said that this is not the first time humanity has had faced the question of survival and quoted “the cuban missle crisis in 1963 was one of them”.

He predicts that things will only be worse in the future and the only way our species can live is to spread out in the vastness of space. Mr. Hawking is known for his acute insight of the future and his contribution to science has been extraordinary.

He was in news earlier this year when he warned against making contact with aliens as they could turn hostile. Mr. Hawking said that the last 100 years have seen remarkable progress and this should continue towards a future in space.

When asked about if humans would pollute the space with such inter-stellar travel he said, “We are just a blip on the radar and technology by then will be more about efficiency than pollution”.

Mr. Hawking’s prediction comes just in time following a  report earlier that an asteroid could hit earth in the year 2182. Scientists say that the asteroid, called 1999 RQ36, could cause major damage to earth and also a possible extinction. Any moves to deflect such a rock needs to start atleast 90 years ahead is what they had recommended.

If Mr. Hawking’s predictions are accurate, I would say 200 years is just a few years away!

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15 thoughts on “Human race to be extinct in 200 years”
  1. Another foretelling by Mr. Hawking which is more than very likely … for me he is one of the last real great thinkers and heros that humanity has generated.

  2. Well @#$*. Guess its about time some others get on board and stop consuming and wasting our time on this beautiful home, doing so. My children will be going down with it.

  3. It is very hard to give much weight to such an article when you parts of it are total BS. Mankind has never been beyond low earth orbit. Why? Because the radiation is LETHAL. Hawking certainly knows this, so it makes you wonder what the point of this article might be. Perhaps he envisions a spacecraft with a lead hull several feet thick. Even so, a lead hulled spacecraft would eventually become radioactive in itself. Space radiation is a problem which cannot be solved. Mankind is stuck on earth; mankind will die on earth.

  4. I believe this totally, they have polluted our air, water and all our other resources? What did they exspect, everything to last forever. All Native American’s knew that this would happen the day that they Europeans came here taking and using all the natural resources for personal gain and exploiting and killing everything in site? Didn’t they think that all this would end eventually??? We warned them numerous time’s to no avail? Maybe they will listen now, but it’s too late for that!

  5. @MrDoseofreality: I disagree, i think Mr. Hawking is certainly wise and right, I am sure man kind will venture out in space pretty soon, with mars to start with..

    Using plasma propulsion technology space travel time can be minimized and people are working on it.

  6. @MrDoseofreality: The radiation issue has already been solved. It’s called the planet Earth (maybe you’ve heard of it). This planet already uses the technology we need to deflect the radiation effectively: It has a giant electromagnetic field around it. Once we figure out how to do this on a smaller scale, we’re off to other planets. Nature has always shown us how to solve the biggest problems, but as is so often the case, we are to stubborn (or stupid) to see the answer that’s right in front of (or in the case, around) us. Like most of Earth’s problems, this one is two fold: power generation, and a simple willingness to make it happen.

    Humans have an amazing ability, in that once we know a thing is possible, we do it. Unfortunately, it usually takes a dramatic event to focus our resolve.

    For instance: If we KNEW for a fact that there were an event that would CERTAINLY destroy all of mankind, and the only solution were to leave the planet in 100 years or simply go extinct, we would be gone from this planet in that time.

    Unfortunately, politics and religious ignorance have historically stood in stark and direct contrast to true progress. We can accomplish great things, and the only thing standing in our way at this point is our resolve.

    IMHO, Hawking, as always, is right on the money with this one.

  7. Stephen Hawking is a buzzkill. He also thinks aliens will be hostile and we should stay here and mind our own business. NOW he wants us to go into space and colonize it. Make up your mind! Actually, don’t, I could care less what Hawking says. Sometimes “smart” people have NO common sense,

  8. What sort disaster is going to happen, apart from the asteroid? Or is he just talking about blind inevitability? Because if he means the environment wil gradually collapse, well, isn’t “the environment” pretty much worse on every other planet in this solar system? I just imagine we’d feel pretty silly trying to get Mars habitable while the Earth is still back home (with issues, but not barren like Mars). As for global nuclear war (or similar world-destroying technology), that does seem like an inevitability.. But I don’t see how that problem disappears if we move to other planets.

  9. “We are just a blip on the radar and technology by then will be more about efficiency than pollution”. Currently mankind does not have any means of creating sufficient energy to reach for the stars. If this issue is EVER solved (I’m not even talking about near light speed travel), then we’ll have to deal with problems like radiation and time (thousands of light years to move away nanometers away from Earth in space terms). We have this one planet and one chance for survival. Anyone who says otherwise needs to get their head of our their ass. 🙂

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