walkinectLooks like Microsoft Kinect is aiming at a huge gaming arsenal come release day. Microsoft has already spend close to a billion dollars on its marketing campaign for the Kinect. Come today 17 new games have been set to release along with Kinect with 12 of them to be released on the launch day itself.

On November 4 the games that would be released include Adrenalin Misfits (Konami), The Biggest Loser Ultimate, Workout (THQ), Dance Central (MTV Games), DanceMasters (Konami), Fighters Uncaged (Ubisoft), Kinect Adventures (Microsoft Game Studios), Kinect Joy Ride (Big Park/Microsoft Game Studios), Kinect Sports (Rare/Microsoft Game Studios), Kinectimals (Frontier Studio/Microsoft Game Studios), Motion Sports (Ubisoft),
Sonic Free Riders (Sega), Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (Ubisoft). Thats quite a bunch of games that are set to be released.

A few games are set to be released on November 16 which include EA Sports Active 2 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows–Part 1 The Videogame. On November 18 two more games were announced – Game Party: In Motion and Zumba Fitness.

Microsoft has all of us excited with its new Kinect and the games lineup. Lets hope they really match up to the hardware!

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