newkindle_front_graphiteAmazon today introduced another version of its Kindle e-book reader and this time it once again dropped the price of the Kindle. Amazon introduced a WiFi only verson of the e-book reader that will start $139 while the WiFi + 3G version remains at $189. The new Kindle will also have the e-link screen and is available in two colors – graphite and white.

Amazon said that with new lower price points, readers have more choices and could attract more audience to its outsold Kindle. Recently Barnes & Noble introduced its own WiFi-only model of the Nook that retails for $149. All this while Amazon dropped the Kindle 2 to just $189 which was available with the new high-contrast e-ink screen and redesigned body.

This new Kindle is said to be 21 percent smaller and 15 percent lighter than the previous model.

Kindle sales had tripled since the company lowered the price to $189 and now with the new WiFi only version, Kindle is ready to outsell most of Barnes & Noble.

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