We had reported earlierabout how sluggish and slow your iPhone 3G becomes once you update it with the new iOS 4.slow-iphone3g Looks like Apple, to save its image, is actually answering to us. Today Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is apparently investigating into the cripple iPhone 3G issue.

Apple claimed that it was well aware of the report and was willing to work on it however it was too busy with the iPhone 4 antenna issue. Apple solved the iPhone 4 issue by giving out a free bumper case to any new iPhone 4 customer.

iPhone 3G users and as we reported in our earlier posts, complained about a slow iPhone 3G phone after the upgrade. There were other issues which said that the phones drained the batteries faster and were over heating. Some users also complained that the phone was virtually unusable.

A spokesman from Apple said that the latest iPhone operating system is powerful and that the iPhone 3G is about two years old. The new iPhone iOS 4 has features such as multitasking which don’t work on the iPhone 3G however the iPhone 4 has a 1GHz processor while the 3G has a 450MHz processor that was build by under-clocking a 600 MHz processor to prevent overheating.

Apple also made it harder to downgrade the phone from the update. The iTunes software would not let a user to rollback the phones operating system. It was widely suspected that Apple was trying to force all the iPhone 3G users to upgrade to iPhone 3Gs or to iPhone 4.

With Apple officially acknowledging and working on the issue raises our hopes of having out crippled iPhone 3G’s back on track. You can read the entire article here.

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