xbox-kinect-bundleLooks like Xbox leads the way. The video game sales numbers were released for July and Xbox is on the top. The Xbox 360 was noted to be the best selling system of the month with a whopping 443,500 units sold, thanks to its added Wi-Fi and low cost.

Other gaming consoles were right behind it by a few thousands with the Nintendo DS selling about 398,400 followed by the Nintendo Wii  which sold about 253,900. PlayStation 3 sold a modest 214,500 while PSP sold only 84,000 units in July.

Sony has had some improvement in sales since 2009 but Xbox let the way with a smaller formfactor and a more competitive low price.

For quite some time Nintendo dominated the gaming market in the US selling most units. It was reported that Nintendo DS sold about 3.4 million units in the US. However its all not great news for the video gaming industry. Video game sales dropped 8 percent from July last year. Video game sales account to $7.51 billion in 2010 while it was $8.18 billion in 2009. Rising prices of these games might as well defeat the purpose of owning an Xbox however other companies such as Netflix see a booming market, thanks to these gaming consoles!

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