assange-julianTechnology is the best whistleblower! It is being reported that a Wikileaks spokesman Julian Assange has made a statement that Wikileaks is soon to release the rest of the secret Afgan war documents. It is also being reported that the Pentagon is in a bit of panic and the US Army fears these next set of documents that seem to worse than the first ones.

The last release revealed that the US Army had full knowledge that Pakistani Intelligence agencies were working with Taliban against the coalition forces. The US Army also acknowledged, after the first release by Wikileaks, that there were serious network and computer security breaches and these weaknesses will be addressed asap. The US Army said that those documents were never to be kept on the network and internal cyber security measures were inadequate.

Pentagon was quick to play safe before the much speculated second release. It has said that it has identified 15,000 classified documents which Wikileaks might put out and that their exposure would severly damage the military’s reputation and also its war plans in Afganistan. Pentagon has described the possible second release as the “height of irresponsibility”.

To review the documents Wikileaks worked on computer systems that were able to identify names of Afghan informations from the files, however the government refused to work with them in purging such names. The US government however denied this claim and said there were no attempts to contact Wikileaks.

This next Wikileak will only expose how weak the entire Pentagon network is and how weak its cyber security is from within however it also brings out the truth behind what is going on.

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