ipod-nano-sixth-generationApple insider today reported that Apple this week might unveil a completely redesigned iPod Nano which is significantly smaller than any of its previous versions. Apple is also said to unveiled the refreshed iPod Touch which will include a camera.

The device shown seems to have a touch-screen interface. The new iPod Nano is said to also have Wi-Fi connectivity but details of the same are yet to be confirmed. Apple insider reported that even before its official release or statement, one seller, Jiangmen VIPO Electronic Technology is selling a screen protector that fits Apple’s sixth-generation iPod nano. Another seller, Orient King, is selling external protective cases available over many colors for the sixth-generation iPod Nano.

Most of the specs of this next generation iPod Nano were picked up by what these vendors were offering as iPod accessories. Speculations of the iPod Nano being Wi-Fi enabled has excited the iPod fan base. From the images released it also looks like video is supported but we are not sure how exciting video on such small iPod nano would look like. There is a Safari browser icon which does not make sense.

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