According to Digitimes, the iPad 2, the successor of the Apple iPad will be out later this year! This is not a confirmedipad2 report from Apple however it was reported that the component makers had recieved a recently placed new iPad orders.

The Taiwan-based component maker had recieved these new orders for the fourth quarter of 2010 and the for the first quarter of 2011. What made it more suspicious is that these orders were for a tablet pc but with 9.7-inch, 5.6-inch, and 7-inch screen models.

It was also reported that the 5.6 and the 7 inch models would target the e-book market while the bigger, 9.7 inch model will be target at multimedia and entertainment market.

From the report, the second-generation iPad would feature an OLED screen. However we are sceptical about this as OLED screens are fairly expensive or if Apple is trying to bring down its price with bulk orders.

The report also says that the iPad 2 would be cheaper than the current model. With the rumors of the OLED screen, we are not sure how it could be any cheaper. The iPad 2 is also said to have one camera on top of the screen and will a brand new route call feature where you can answer your calls through the iPad without having to pick up your iPhone. So if you were reading a book, your iPad will notify you of an incoming call and you can continue to answer it on the iPad instead of reaching to your phone. This is an awesome feature especially for book lovers and movie watchers.

Lets hope that the new iPad 2 will be thoroughly tested before its released to avoid a fate such as the iPhone 4.

Apple is notorious to introduce newer builds that are eons better than their previous versions. Lets see how better the new iPad 2 will be.

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