Nokia today announced its official sales figures showed that it sold over a million Lumina phones – Nokia’s windows phone line, but analysts say this is short of what was expected. CEO Stephen Elop said, “The fourth quarter of 2011 marked a significant step in Nokia’s transformation. In the war of ecosystems, clearly there are some strong contenders already on the field. And with Lumia, we have demonstrated that we belong on the field.”

He concluded that in his assessment that they were in tune with transition. According to the stats, Nokia’s smartphone sales dropped 25 per cent from quarter to quarter, and 38 per cent year on year. Not to mention that the million Lumia devices gets dumped on from very high heights by the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy SII, which hit the 10 million mark in September 2011, just five months after launch.

Looks like Nokia might be right behind RIM.

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