How about that! Toy maker Hasbro is said to soon introduce a device that will enable 3D gaming on your iPhone or iPod. The device called the “Hasbro My3D” is a handheld device which resembles a pair of binoculars that attaches to an iPhone or an iPod Touch. This pair of binoculars provides the 3D imagery via the phone. The gadget can now only give your a 360-degree gaming experience but also let you watch 3D video and possibly movies!

Hasbro said the My3D app will be provided that can convert media into 3D media to be viewed using the binoculars. Hasbro is said to be working with Apple over making this product and the content for My3D will be sold exclusively through the Apple App store. Many other companies are working with Hasbro to making their content available in 3D. Some companies include DreamWorks Animation, Sony, Discovery and Imax.

Hasbro is said to also introduce virtual travel experience that include virtual 3D tours of wax museums and other structures. In a statement released, the company said, “The My3D platform combines proprietary 3D technology with unique 360 degree content and leverages the popularity of the iPhone and iPod Touch to deliver premium entertainment in immersive, ‘larger than life’ 3D anytime, anywhere”.

The device will be released in late 2011 and will sell for a cheap $30 bucks! However we are unsure how comfortable one might be having to wear those tiny binoculars.

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