Windows-phone-7Windows Phone 7 is selling quite well but there are many people who wish a few tweaks and add ons would have made it a little more awesome. Although the Windows Phone 7 interface has been praised to be highly usable and well-designed, there is still lots Microsoft needs to do to make headway against Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Here are some 20 features we think the next Windows Phone 8 should have in order to gain an edge over its competitors.

1. Copy and paste

No modern smartphone offers copy and paste in its true sense. iPhone offers you to copy paste a word or part of a text but files are far from getting this feature. However this feature can save you a ton of time if you are having to type in email addresses.

2. Better multitasking

Windows Phone 7 surprisingly has limited multitasking. For example apps can send push notifications while you are browsing and save their state. However Windows phone 7 does not have true background processing. What we need in Windows Phone 8 is the ability to run a backup job while we check our email.

3. Better indication of interface options

Another minor issue is that Windows Phone 7 tends to not respond or respond inappropriately with its interface options. This is due to different swipe styles. The phone reacts differently based on how you swipe and how can long-press.

4. Internet tethering

This is one feature that is most needed in the Windows Phone 8 especially when 4G networks are on the rise. This can potentially make your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot or a modem.

5. Aggregated email

Aggregated email will save us time from having to check multiple email accounts that we may have. Newer updates of iOS introduced aggregated email Windows Phone 8 needs to seriously look at this.

6. Gaming

Windows Phone 7 is yet to deliver gaming as it was anticipated earlier. There were a series of no-shows after the mech-shooter game The Harvest, Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst and Halo Waypoint failed to arrive on the mobile platform.

7. HTML5 support

The IE browser in Windows Phone 7 seems like a beefed up version of IE8 for small screen however it lacks HTML5 and Silverlight support! HTML5 is yet to become a standard but its benefits cannot be ignored.

8. Create PowerPoint

It would be awesome if Windows Phone 8 could allow users to be able to create power point presentations from scratch on the phone rather than having to do it on a computer. This will let you create power point presentations on the fly.

9. Software support for 4G networks

Windows Phone 7 OS seems to support the 3G networks well but what really is needed is support for 4G networks which are on the rise and that offer 7-10Mbps connection speeds. If there was better support, you can make full backups, watch movies instantly faster and stream content from your phone easily.

10. Better built-in encryption

Phones are yet to introduce cutting edge encryption in themselves. With their processors getting powerful by the day Windows Phone 8 is anticipated to introduce better encryption techniques to secure communications.

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