Tired of using your iPad as a tablet, now a company offers you an option to actually turn your iPad into a full blown laptop PC! The Crux 360 iPad case lets you convert your iPad into a Tablet PC. This multi purpose iPad accessory adds a physical keyboard functionality to your iPad. It also acts as a iPad stand and support.

The Crux 360 is an iPad case that comes with a built-in physical keyboard that connects to your iPad wirelessly over Bluetooth. This lets you use your iPad dock connector for other purposes such as a USB add on. Makers of Crux 360 claim that their device is the world’s first such case that offers the functionality of converting the iPad into a tablet. Having this case the iPad can be converted into four modes – laptop mode, movie mode, tablet mode and carry mode. The Crux 360 iPad case is well designed and provides enough mobility for the iPad.

For those interested it costs $149 and you can get one here.

You can read more here.

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