Techeye today morning reported that Apple has just received a patent which brings in AI to the iPads allowing it to recognize and react to the owner of the iPad.

The patent allows Apple to build a system where the iPad can intelligently use it's forward camera and recognize its users and owners.

Interestingly no security aspects were defined in the patent that means we are not sure if Apple will be snapping your picture with that. It certainly means that Apple will have your information stored in its cloud and could use it again to offer you customized content including your music and movie choices.

Appleinsider found the patent application with the catchy title 20110317872 at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Dubbed "Low Threshold Face Recognition," it describes a low-computation way to recognise a user.

It also provides a method for several users to share the same gadget. Each user could customise their personal profile with unique wallpaper, applications and settings, and that profile would be immediately accessed once the iPad recognises a user's face.

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