church_spaceLooks like the Pope’s astronomer Mr. Guy Consolmagno knows a lot about aliens than any other astronomer. It was reported by the Daily Mail that the Pope’s astronomer said in a speech that he believes that aliens exist and they most certainly have souls.

The speech was given at the British Science Festival where Consolmagno said that he was comfortable with the idea that intelligent life exists on other planets and said that it was unlikely that we would ever find any or have any kind of direct communication with them. He said “God is bigger than just humanity and the god of angels,” and said that every being, be it human or alien has a soul.

Consolmagno also said that he would actually be willing to “baptise” any alien and convert it to Christianity if they desired. The Vatican has 12 astronomers and Consolmango is one of them who also works as the curator of a meteorite collection that the Pope has.

Just imagine space ships docking to floating Church Satellites in Space. You may still have to suit up to get into that confession booth! You can read the entire article here.

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8 thoughts on “Pope’s astronomer – Aliens Living among the Stars will be Baptised”
  1. Looks like the church is posturing/morphing into a new position. I mean it only took those guys 350+ years to admit that Galileo wasn’t wrong. Like extraterrestrials are going to need to be forgiven and baptized. Do you think they can be controlled by guilt?I think any race that is advanced enough to do the space travel thing is way beyond the VooDoo/religion crutch that so many of us think we(they told us we needed it, RIGHT??) need. Maybe the Catholic church will be the first thing eaten by their crazed mechanized Soilent Green Harvesting Machines.

  2. Oh great. Now their going to infest space. Seriously, before we start interstellar travel, and before we meet new aliens, we really need to have this whole “religion” thing behind us.

  3. What if they aliens try to baptise us with their own completely different religion? Does he not realize that on Earth alone, we have hundreds of different religions, and each one says the others are wrong? What makes him think aliens are any different?

  4. Brother Guy said that he would baptise an alien “only if they wanted him to”. The title of this article seems to completely ignore this in a feeble attempt to antagonise the church even further.
    And how could aliens NOT have some form of spirituality, short of accidentally doing a Davros?
    And what is it with athiests believing that science and religion can’t co-exist or even flourish together?
    There are as many rational Christians out there as there are rational Athiests. Many Christians, including myself, have an acknowledgement of science before continuing with our religion. Believe it or not, we’re not all mindless slaves of every word of the Bivle

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