Today comScore research published their research results for the U.S. smartphone market in November and it's nothing new but a reassuring fact that Android continues to grow in the market and RIM's share keeps shrinking. The BlackBerry smartphone OS market share shrunk by 0.6% since last month leaving BlackBerry with 16.6% market share while Android and iPhone climbed 0.6%, claiming 46.9% and 28.7% respectively.

The report also said that Samsung is number one in manufacturing of mobile devices with 25.3%. RIM's share of phones is at 6.5%. This is drop from the 7.6% that RIM had in July this year.

Basically, RIM is dieing and you will probably  buy RIM because either you have a trust fund or you feel sorry for RIM. There are high hopes on the new BB10 operating system but really RIM is fighting a loosing battle.

It will be interesting to see comScore’s numbers for December so stay tuned!

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