We had reported about Robonaut earlier and now it is being reported that the Robonaut is already starting to do its job well on the Space station. The robot was delivered this February and has been doing pretty good so far, says one report.  The robot also started tweeting this morning. “My power cable is plugged in and my status LEDs on my power backpack are on,” Robonaut tweeted this morning.

“Around 56 minutes left in my power soak test,” it added an hour later. The Robonaut is also responding to questions and even sent birthday greetings to one of its 35,000 followers.  The Robonaut is currently in a testing phase but once that is over it is expected to tackle some routine maintenance chores as a demonstration of how large robots can safely work together.

The project is jointly sponsored by NASA and General Motors. Robonaut’s tweets are courtesy of NASA’s Joe Bibby, a multimedia specialist at the Johnson Space Center. Robonaut also has its own webpage which you can visit here.


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