samsung-galaxy-sMobile lead of Samsung, Shin Jong-Kyun said today that the company expects to ship more than 40 million smartphones in 2011. This is a twice as many smartphones that Samsung is hoping to sell this year. He said a strong sales boost would come from its new Galaxy S tablet which the company expects to sell about 10 million units before the end of this year. The numbers seem quite high considering Samsung’s rival Apple was only able to sell 10 million phones a quarter this summer.

Samsung is a key player when it comes to Apple’s products. Samsung supplies Apple’s flash memory and LCDs to Apple and is also to make the A4 processor. Samsung until recently has always been a conventional phone manufacturer and now is moving ahead with its smartphone and tablet business.

Kyun also dropped some hints about coming next year, the tablet line would be expanded and would include a new 10-inch tablet along side the Galaxy Tab.

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