samsung-31-seriesSamsung is desperate to get some talent on board to give it ideas over Internet TV applications. Samsung Electronics UK has launched the “Samsung Smart TV Challenge” which aims aat finding the most innovative applications for Internet TV and other Internet devices including Blu-ray players and home theater systems.

Samsung, through the Smart TV challenge, wants to lead a new era of Smart TV and wants to be early into tapping this market. Developers can register at and can download their SDK for apps for the future Smart TV.

All final entries will be judged on quality, functional implementation and visual appeal. Winners will take home a nice €500,000 cash which will be divided among the winners if there are ties. Consumers too can cast their online vote to win a LED 9000 TV. The final date of submission for the app is by 30 December, 2010. The winners will be announced in February 2011.

You can find more information here.

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