embrio-unoGizmag today reported on an interesting concept of a self-balancing motorcycle called EMBRIO. EMBRIO is said to be the bike of the future with its designers certain that people will be using it 20 years from now. Invented by 21 year old Ben Gulak, this electric bike has the ability to transform itself to a normal bike on higher speeds and when it slows down, the wheels realign themselves to a side-by-side configuration.

Gulak was inspired into creating a transforming electric bike after his 2005 trip to China where he saw pollution was rampant. He is working on his Mechanical engineering degree from Harvard University and intends to commercialize his vehicle through his company, BPG Motors.

The model called Uno, uses a gyroscope similar to a Segway. As the speed increases the wheels realign themseves into a motorcycle configuration. This provides stability and handling. Gulak says he is producing about 30 bokes for initial run within the next 8 to 12 months. The bikes will be limited to a top speed of 35mph and will be priced at $25,000. As production picks up the price will drop to $6,500.

You can visit his site here.


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