Looks like Samsung simply hates Apple! It is being reported that Samsung is looking to ban and block the iPhone 4S sales in Japan and Australia using a court injunction. Samsung has already has a minor setback in Austria for  their request for an iPhone/iPad injunction in the Netherlands denied last week, Samsung has now filed suit against Apple in both Japan and Australia seeking to ban the sale of the iPhone 4S .

Samsung also looks at blocking the iPad2 sale in Japan. The filing in Japan cites infringements in technology and user interface patents and in Australia Samsung cited patents related to wireless telecommunications standards. Samsung is widely expected to have overtaken Apple in global smartphone sales in the third quarter.

Reports also indicate that Samsung can’t really sue Apple for patent infringement without first trying to secure fair and non-discriminatory licensing terms from them first.Something tells us that Samsung, having been on the losing end of legal decisions in Australia, the Netherlands and German is now desperate to secure some leverage of its own against Apple. That said, the fact that it’s thus far had to resort to using RAND encumbered patents demonstrates a tinge of desperation on behalf of the Korean-based electronics giant.


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