rain in desert

rain in desert

Scientists are altering lands by creating rain in the Middle East. The Price of Abu Dhabi brought in some scientists who now claim are able to generate a series of downpours in the desert! Scientists say about 50 rains were created just last year in the eastern Al Ain region using technology designed to control the weather.

Most of these rains were created in summer when there is typically no rain at all. Citizens of Abu Dhabi were stunned to see rain in the peak of summer that included hair and gales of lightening. UAE’s president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan hired these scientists to ease up on water problems in the state.

Scientists used giant ionisers which were modified and looked like lampshaed on steel poles. These ionisers generate fields of negatively charged particles. These induce cloud formation which could produce rain.

A confidential video was released where the founder of the Swiss company called Metro systems International, who is incharge of this project boasted of success. However this is not the first time that countries and scientists used technology to produce rains. In the past, China had used chemicals for cloud-seeding to both induce and prevent rain falling.

After building five ionising sites and 20 emitters, Metro systems turned them on in Summer when the atmospheric moisture was more than 30 percent. Rain fell on 52 occasions.

The savings are huge. The system costs about 10 million dollars a year while desalination is about 85 million dollars.

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