slow-iphone3gLooks like iPhone 3G users will soon have some good news to share. In a new email from Apple CEO Steve Jobs seems to confirm that Apple will soon release an update to address the slow iPhone 3Gissue after it is updated to the iOS 4.

It was widely reported that the iPhone 3G slowed downconsiderably after the iOS 4 update and that its performance was unacceptable. Many speculated that this was a trick that Apple was resorting to to force consumers to upgrade to either the 3Gs or to the iPhone 4. Apple later did acknowledge this issue and said that it was “looking into it”.

Today a new email in response to feedback sent by a customer was sent by Steve Jobs. The customer complained of how slow the phone was and jailbreaking it was the only option he had and he did not want to do that. Steve Jobs replied, “Software update coming soon” from his iPhone.

No further details were offered but speculation is that the new iOS 4.1 will be the solution to the crippling problem. The iOS 4.1 is under testing as of now and is set to release pretty soon. However it is being widely reported that the iOS 4.1 betas are indeed improving performance on the iPhone 3G.

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2 thoughts on “Slow iPhone 3G Fix Coming Soon!”
  1. I will wait with the update until this problem is solved. My iPhone is not slow so I will not update it to iOS4 …
    But this – at least are good news.
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

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