Yes thats true, even Japanese can also have some dumb inventions. Japan as we all know is known for its innovation but sometimes its good to sit back and make fun of some of the dumbest inventions that they thought were worth calling “smart”.

1. Solar Powered Bra


Triumph international, a leading lingerie manufacturer in Japan came up with the Solar bra. It turns up the little led display when in sun. Well I can’t really think of a good use for this, I could only wonder what would happen if someone snapped those wires connecting the led display. Well I guess we all know the answer to that.

Here is another pic.


2. Tuttuki Bako


This is the weirdest of all. This device called the Tuttuki Bako is a game in which you literally stick your finger inside to play with it. So by “fingering” this device you arae to interact with a virtual creature that appears on your screen and you win or loose depending on your ability to finger the device. We will leave the rest to your imagination and this video.

3. Squat Toilet


Yikes! Thats just weird. I just can imagine how a person can use this extremely elongated toilet. And as far as a drunk person wanting to use it, well it will be the most “sh!test” thing he would have ever done, literally.

When I was wondering the intensions of its inventor my good friend said “just enjoy it!”, something I find hard to do.

4. RSStrom Reader


I think this a nicer invention, atleast when compared to the rest of the ones. This device was designed to print out RSS feeds on your toilet paper. Now you can read the news and when you are done, use the paper.

Unfortunately the device never made it to the market. Anyways, these days the news is worth doing this anyways.

Well these were a few

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