Leica, known for its handcrafted limited edition cameras, has rolled out the Leica M9-P silver red leather set limited edition camera. The camera is in attractive red color leather and is provided with an additional hand grip. It is packaged with a Leica Elmarit M 28mm f/2.8 ASPH lens and is limited edition with just 30 pieces. These cameras will be exclusively available at the Leica Futako-Tamagawa store in Tokyo at a starting price of $ 16,118.

Leica M9 limited edition silver chrome set:

Price: $12,950

This limited edition camera is a silver chrome set with scratch-resistant sapphire glass that is attached with a Leica 35mm f/2 Summicron silver chrome lens. Both the camera and its strap are covered with brown ostrich leather. It was made in limited numbers of just 50 pieces.

Leica M9 limited edition in Ostrich leather:

Price: $10,526

Another M9, that was launched last year, was wrapped in black ostrich leather cover. This camera was too a limited edition just like other M9 series and was priced at cool $10,526.


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