china-usa-cyber-warfareA report by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission revealed that some US web traffic was hijacked and wrongly rerouted through China Telecom which allows Chinese officials to monitor and spy on the traffic. The 2010 Annual report to Congress highlighted that an incident which occured earlier this year where US web traffic was hijacked by Chinese ISPs.

The whole even lasted 18 minutes on April 8th and did affect several key US government websites including Senate, Nasa and the office of the Secretary of Defence. The report also said that the hijack had affected approximately 15 percent of websites around the world. The report suggested that this unauthorized and inappropriate access of traffic was intentional and might have been an attempt to grab data for intelligence by the Chinese officials.

The report brought up recent accusations by American firms over Chinese government organising large scale computer hacks against the US and other countries. It is well known how Google fought with the Chinese government over censorship issues after a sophisticated hack against Google was thwarted. The report and the commission alike recommended that the US review its policies of censorship and online security.

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