wafaa_bilalPeople are doing some weird stuff to get there name out there. According to an article published by the Wall Street Journal, an Iraqi assistant professor at New York University is actually having a camera surgically embedded in the back of his head! Wafaa Bilal who works as an assistant professor at the university is going through the act which is part of a museum installed called 3rdi.

The camera will take still pictures in one-minute intervals for a year and would also send them wirelessly to Mathaf:Arab museum of Modern Art in Qatar. The pictures will be displayed on monitors at that museum for spectators. These weird ideas are the brain child of Bilal himself who is known for his provocative art. He sports a tattoo on his back that has details of American and Iraqi casualties.

It doesn’t end there, he even created a website where people could logon and shoot paint balls remotely over the web. The 3rdI project is set to launch on December 15 has raised many privacy concerns that the university is addressing. Privacy advocates questioned what data is being captured by Bilal’s camera which could invite heavy lawsuits to the university.

There are proposals from the University and privacy advocates which may want Bilal to turn off the camera while in NYU buildings. Fred Ritchin, an associate chairman of the department said, “Obviously you don’t want students to be under the burden of constant surveillance; it’s not a good teaching environment”.

No tech specs were known, no info on the camera and power sources was given out.

You can read his site here.

You can read the original article here.

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