Sprint today announced its quarterly earnings today and the news is mixed. Sprint added 1.6 million net subscribers, which is its best quarterly result in six years. It now has a total subscriber of about 55 million which is an all-time high for the wireless carrier. The company sold 1.8 million iPhones in the quarter, 40 percent of which were to new customers. Over the course of the year, Sprint added more than 5 million net new customers to its rolls.

Handset sales are strong as well and subscriber count is growing, but the company is still not making cash. Sprint reported a net loss of $1.3 billion in the quarter and $2.89 billion for the year. “Our strong fourth quarter performance illustrates the power of matching iconic devices like the iPhone with our simple, unlimited plans and industry-leading customer experience. During the past year, Sprint added more than 5 million net new customers and grew wireless service revenue by more than 5 percent, including 17 percent for the Sprint platform. This momentum gives us confidence as we execute our Network Vision upgrade and 4G LTE roll-out”, said Sprint CEO Dan Hesse.

Many say that the company is loosing cash trying to foot the bill for the iPhone 4s. Lets see if the company will continue to pick up the iPhone 5!

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