Sprint Nextel will start selling the next version of the Apple Inc iPhone in mid-October, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal that cited unnamed sources. This would make Sprint, the third US operator to become a cellphone distributor for Apple, the only iPhone provider offering unlimited use data services for a flat monthly fee if it sticks with its current wireless data offerings.

Looks like Sprint is going to be the one to get the iPhone 5 which will be a major boost to the carrier over Verizon and AT&T. According to the report Sprint will be getting the Apple iPhone 5 somewhere in mid-October. However Sprint, AT&T and Verizon declined comment and an Apple spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.

AT&T Inc and Verizon Wireless already sell the iPhone 4 but these companies have eliminated flat-fee data plans and instead charge more for customers who use more data services. Because of this story today, Sprint shares closed 10.1 per cent higher on Tuesday. An iPhone with unlimited data services is expected to help Sprint, which has been losing subscribers to its rivals, to start reporting net customer additions again, one analyst said.

This is a real shocker for Verizon and AT&T as it was being speculated that Sprint will be run down by the giants but with the iPhone 5 with Sprint, there is an expectancy of huge new sign ups for Sprint service.

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