Reasons-of-Facebook-Privacy-ConcernsIt is being reported that Facebook is working on making a number of changes to its privacy settings to address the growing concerns about privacy. However many are seeing this as a move made by a worried Facebook after the recent Anonymous warning of a possible attack in November. In a Facebook Blog post, the company outlined how to use the slightly modified features to limit who can see various parts of your profile and wall posts, and even put permanent limits on who can tag you in photos. The changes are slowly rolling out to Facebook users “in the coming days.”

This however does not say that Facebook will not report your info to its huge list of marketing firms that pay big bucks for your info. Facebook will still use your info and updates to run and show ads. Most of Facebook’s granular controls have remained stuck deep within the bowels of its privacy settings, however, where only the most curious of users have managed to discover them.

Facebook is apparently aware of this problem. “The main change is moving most of your controls from a settings page to being inline, right next to the posts, photos and tags they affect,” Facebook VP of Product Chris Cox wrote in Tuesday’s blog post. “Your profile should feel like your home on the web—you should never feel like stuff appears there that you don’t want, and you should never wonder who sees what’s there.” However your profile is still unsafe from online marketing firms who can scan your status and find out you are on vacation and send you brochures and phone calls with more vacation vouchers.

Lets see how Facebook improves and when it would stop this!


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