steve-jobsSoon Apple fanatics will have another reason to rush to the stores to buy an Apple product, but this time it will be a book as opposed to a gadget. Publisher Simon & Schuste announced over the weekend that they were authorized to publish the first every biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The biography is written by Walter Isaacson  and will be available in early 2012.

This is the only authorized biography of the largely secretive life of the Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. This is the first of its kind book which is being published only with the permission of Steve Jobs. The book is called “iSteve: The Book of Jobs”, is written by the former CNN executive and Time magazine managing editor Walter Isaacson whose other best selling books include Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

Steve Jobs who is 56 has been away from Apple on medical leave since January of this year. It was said that the medical leave was related to a curable form of pancreatic cancer. Many wonder if Steve Jobs is looking forward to retirement with this new revelation that a biography is in the works.

Many would want to see into the much secretive life of Steve Jobs however others suspect that this might the beginning of the end to one of Apple’s most beloved workers. Regardless of what the majority think, this book will be a ground breaking best seller and we all know it already!

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