Youtube-filmsYoutube will soon look like your TV, in a way. Google plans to turn Youtube into a traditional TV network by adding features to the site that will make it look and feel like a TV. Youtube will be featuring topic specific channels and Google is spending up to $100 million into original content. Wall Street Journal reported that Google is hoping to make Youtube the destination site and convert it into more of a TV on demand rather than just videos.

Google is trying hard to let consumers have access to Youtube in the living room. Youtube has started offering movies recently and now original content is something that will turn tables on the cable industry and Netflix as well. Netflix however is ahead in the competition with original content when it won the bid last month.

A Youtube revamp will work in favor of Google as it will give a boost to Google TV. Google TV did not do well in the market in its first launch but the push to increase Google TV sales is more than ever. With addition of channels to Youtube, Google will optimize the way one enjoys TV.

At the moment, it sounds like the channels will be similar to actual television channels. Google is hoping that users will tune into sports or entertainment channels just like on a TV.

The WSJ says that the YouTube changes will roll out over time, starting towards the end of 2011.

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